Dedicated to Your Family

So much of your life has been dedicated to your family. Your job, your car, your neighborhood, your home. You put so much energy in to giving your family the best! While all of your efforts are going towards providing for them, how much of them do you get to enjoy? Take time out and create some memories together that you can hold on to forever!

I'll be as dedicated to getting amazing photos of your family as you are to providing the best for them. By creating a relaxed environment for your unique personalities to thrive you won't have to worry about anything other than which photos you don't want to print and hang on your walls.

“AJG Photography is awesome! We love our images and had so much fun working with you. Fantastic with kids, and really able to make my family look great! Highly recommended!”

Family Photography Genres

Individual Portraits

Pamper yourself to a personal photo shoot that is exclusively you! Birthday portraits or updated headshots, your individual portrait session will get all the dedication as any other lifestyle session. And if you are pampering yourself to a special session, consider your favorite place to get away as a location to shoot. When you do that, your special place can come back with you so when life is too crazy to get away, you can step through the photo and be there, even if just for a second.

Child Portraits

Child portraits focus on the joy of being a child. They are a chance for a kid to be a kid while I capture all the fun in the process. At home or out at a favorite park or beach, these photos are very candid and often adventuresome! Our children change daily, and there's no better way to remember them as they are now than photographs. Making annual investments in portraits helps you track their change over time, and those images go marvelously with one another in a photocollage on your wall.

Senior and Graduation Portraits

Graduating is a huge milestone in any family, whether from high school, college, or university. Add some more memories to that diploma with senior and graduation portraits that highlight who the student was when they reached their goal!

Family Portraits

Family portraits can happen at home or outdoors, either somewhere new for a fun, new experience, or somewhere familiar and dear to your family's hearts.

Your personality decides how you want these images to be done! Whether you want more traditional, posed images or something more modern and candid, your photos are sure to be a great representation of the character of your family, and certainly a treasured memory to pass down for generations.


Whether you're on Year 1 or Year 60, an anniversary is a beautiful milestone to celebrate!

We'll dive in to who you are as a couple and photograph moments in your life that speak to your true nature!

Make it a yearly occurrence and see yourselves grow through the years, and watch how your interests change!

Reunions and Parties

When the whole gang's together it's going to be a blast! Don't miss a moment, and relive the life of the party by getting photos taken of every last face and detail!